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House C, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The house is located within the UNESCO protected medieval sea fort in Dubrovnik’s old town. This is why the process involved initially gaining all the legal building permissions and restricted conditions. We could not change the façade or the roof in any way, but the house interior and garden were extended downwards by 30cm and modern interior completely rebuilt. The house has 3 double bedrooms, living room and kitchen on the ground floor and substantial garden covered with a wooden pergola. The layout and size of the rooms was limited by the narrow size of the house, but the clever use and position of the stairs meant that we fitted in a small bathroom and utility downstairs, as well as creating a storage space. The wooden stairs separate the living room from the kitchen and create interesting visual feature.

We used ceramic tiles and wood on the floor throughout the house with glass mosaic tiles in both bathrooms. Corian inbuilt wardrobes living room furniture and whitewalls house was kept simple and uncluttered. The L shaped garden was paved with granite floor tiles and the main feature external wall pierced with square holes which can be used for storage, flowers, and lights.