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Wonderfully unique staircase designs

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Staircases can offer so much more than just a way to get from one level of your home to the next. Most architects and designers recognise the incredible potential for creativity provided by the staircase; where else can they let their imaginations run wild with straight lines, sweeping curves and corkscrew spirals, all in one very fundamental piece of architecture? Staircases are impossible to ignore due to the necessity of walking up and down them; and not only that, they are also one of the most prominent parts of a building in many cases, being placed in the entrance hall or near the front door. The creators of the staircases included in this ideabook have gone all out to make this functional part of the home into fun art objects deserving of their prominent position in the home. Can you imagine how one of these highly original designs would change the feel of your own hallway?

Not for the faint of heart (or stomach)

The wooden blocks of this stunning wooden staircase are vaguely reminiscent of Jenga pieces – let’s hope they’re not ready to topple any time as well.  Note how the curve of the staircase, despite being constructed from solid blocks, mimics the elegance and fragility of shapes found in nature (think of the interior of a conch shell, for example). The sturdy stairs themselves provide a striking contrast. But beware: walking up and down this tightly winding staircase too many times in quick succession might leave you very dizzy indeed.

​A lighter choice

Here the steps themselves are fairly standard, but the area surrounding them on the landing is just breathtaking. The use of widely-spaced wood beams make for a striking sight upon one’s arrival on the first floor of this house. Not only that, they also allow light to circulate freely between the two levels in a manner that a traditional safety barrier or partition wouldn’t allow.

​Simply perfect

The great appeal of this staircase lies in its utter simplicity. Without a banister or any supports beneath it, there is nothing to distract from the beauty of its geometry. The clear lines of the steps seem inspired by a fan or a folded piece of paper. This is a staircase stripped back to its most basic form. This is definitely not an option for a house with children in it, though!

​A minimalist masterpiece

The hollow steps and disconnected structure of this staircase make for a totally unique minimalist design. A false appearance of effortlessness is achieved by having the elements of the staircase remain separate, as if they just happened to be lying there. In reality though, the extent to which this wonderfully site-specific staircase harmonizes with its environment is anything but accidental.

Nothing to hide

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Bisca Staircases

The use of a glass barrier here lays the beautiful architecture of the staircase bare for all to see. Meanwhile, the wild curves of the wooden hand rail throw a hint of mischievousness into the mix, whilst also acting as the ideal complement to the glass. The vintage leather armchair makes a great companion to the mix of contemporary and traditional design, bringing a comforting sense of traditional charm to this quirky space.

​Suspension staircase

There are so many different elements to love about this remarkable design. The colour of the wood steps and the white side pieces stand out beautifully against the rich tomato hue of the wall. But more lovely still is the barely-there quality created by the high quantity of negative space underneath and between the stairs, and the suspension cords which make the stairs appear to be floating in the air.

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