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7 bathroom cleaning tips for Indian homes

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A bathroom is one of the toughest places to keep clean. Due to it been subjected to water continuously, many problems can come up. However, it still needs to be spotless all the time. If you are trying to search for ways to keep your bathroom clean, then look no further. In this ideabook, you will find seven fantastic yet straightforward bathroom cleaning tips, especially for Indian homes.

1. Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors can quickly get dirty and can display watermarks as they are usually placed right above the sink. In order to clean a mirror thoroughly, you can use water and soap solution along with a cotton cloth. All you need to do is stay a bit of solution on the surface and wipe it off with the fabric.

2. Tiled floor and walls

The joining points of the designer tiles usually store a lot of dirt which can be difficult to remove. To get rid of these dirt pockets you can either scrub them off with a plastic brush or use a power wash hose. You can even use a bit of laundry detergent along with the brush to get a better result.

3. Water fixtures

One might think that water fixtures can never get dirty. However, that is far from the truth. These can usually showcase salt water and even rust stains. To quickly remove such nasty stains you can use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar.

4. Drains

We all know how easily bathroom drains can get clogged. Most people use hot water to unclog these drains which is not as useful as our solution. To get immediate results you can always combine a few teaspoons of baking soda with hot water and pour it right away into the pipe.

5. Towels and mats

Another simple way to make your bathroom look spotless is by changing the towels and floor mats as often as possible. For cleaning linens properly you should always pre-soak them for 15 minutes at least. It will make your towels and mats look brand new after washing.

6. Bathroom odor

We are all familiar with the musky smell that a bathroom usually gives out. It is mainly because of either the wet clothes lying around or the shower not been completely dry. To eliminate such a foul smell, you can start by wiping off the excess water after every use. You can even spray some room freshener for incorporating pleasant aroma.

7. Sink and commode

Sinks and commodes can also incur stains after being regularly used. That is why the best cleaning tip for such a situation is brushing the toilet every week using Harpic or any of its substitutes which are readily available in the market.

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