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​34 amazing terraces and houses to inspire you

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
SÍTIO OURO PRETO Casas rústicas por Beth Marquez Interiores Rústico
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Winter is officially over, which means more and more of us are planning outdoor events, whether that involves inviting over a bunch of friends or simply relaxing and enjoying some solitude at home. And regardless of which one you pick, we have some stunning terraces/patios to showcase to get those creative juices of yours flowing in terms of outdoor parties, relaxing on loungers, etc.

And to enhance your daydreaming, we’re also throwing in a few super attractive houses with striking façades that might just kick-start some design skills to give your home a new look…

1. Thanks to stone and wood, this terrace enjoys a beautifully rustic look.

2. See how a single colour can make a space come to life?

3. This traditional rustic house got treated to a stunning pergola with climbers and all!

Fazenda Muitos Capões - Ampliação Casas rústicas por CABRAL Arquitetos Rústico Madeira maciça Multi colorido
CABRAL Arquitetos

Fazenda Muitos Capões – Ampliação

CABRAL Arquitetos

4. Can you imagine relaxing on that porch while peeking out at the view below?

Casa da Serra Casas campestres por Duo Arquitetura Campestre Madeira maciça Multi colorido
Duo Arquitetura

Casa da Serra

Duo Arquitetura

5. We just love how the blue and yellow demand attention and complement the earthy hues of the house.

6. Even a container home can be privy to an elegant outdoor terrace.

Pocket House Casas rústicas por homify Rústico

Pocket House


7. That little terrace is very nearly a courtyard, thanks to the house’s slightly L-shaped layout.

8. This front entrance / terrace space is sure to impress guests from the get go.

9. Thanks to generous sliding doors, this living room feels just like an open terrace.

10. Don’t you admire the way in which modern design and rustic materials conjure up this beauty?

PROJETO CASA DA REPRESA Casas campestres por Ambienta Arquitetura Campestre
Ambienta Arquitetura


Ambienta Arquitetura

11. A sloping landscape makes this terrace more like a lookout point!

12. This modern façade perfectly combines metal, brick and wood.

13. See how the linear design of the house contrasts with the lushness of the garden – a real showstopper!

14. Don’t forget that simple lighting fixtures can enhance a façade’s appearance.

Residência Ortízio Borges, Uberlândia - Projeto THEROOM ARQUITETURA Casas modernas por THEROOM ARQUITETURA E DESIGN Moderno

Residência Ortízio Borges, Uberlândia – Projeto THEROOM ARQUITETURA


15. Wood and lots (lots!) of glass ensure this house is no wallflower.

16. That styled-up carport can perfectly function as a terrace with a few furniture pieces.

17. We’re not sure what we love most here – the richly textured façade, or the perfectly manicured garden.

18. This house or terrace definitely wouldn’t have the style power they have now without those amazing garden touches.

19. Are you brave enough to splash such a striking colour onto your façade?

Volumetria Casas ecléticas por homify Eclético



20. We just adore it when farmhouse-style design meets vivacious colours!

21. Less is definitely more with this simple-yet-stunning structure.

22. Notice how the curved edges soften up this modern structure.

Casas modernas por NOEM Moderno

23. This prefab house definitely got one of the best views!

24. It’s like seeing a design straight from the future.

Vipp Shelter Espaços comerciais industriais por Vipp Industrial

Vipp Shelter


25. Timber panels can result in a quite modern look when applied to the right shape and structure.

26. Thanks to simple mirror panels, this house flaunts an otherworldly look.

27. See how striking glass panels and a thatched roof conjure up a most unique-looking structure.

28. We’ll say it again: stone is super skilled at flaunting a richly textured look!

29. No terrace, true, but that elongated L-shaped porch certainly presents ample potential.

30. Now this is one way to (literally) highlight your front entrance.

31. See how those rustic stone claddings ensure more character for this house’s rear side?

32. How about this classic-style home that presents an almost royal look?

33. We get a Mediterranean holiday vibe due to all the components (pergola, pool, colours, etc.) perfectly complementing each other.

34. A monochrome colour scheme? It is, after all, a timeless look.

Just in time for summer, we’re going to show you how to Inject some tropical style into your garden!

Casas modernas por Casas inHAUS Moderno

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