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27 ways to enhance your backyard

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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Your backyard can be way more than you make it to be. To make believers of the naysayers, we have this compendium of ideas that are bound to leave to spellbound! Simple integration of natural elements and basic furnishing could be all the magic you seek.  

Sit back, unwind and enjoy the tranquility of your garden

1. A pergola housing an array of vegetation

3. A hideaway to gaze at the stars whilst sipping on life's finest

4. A pergola of lamps and pots to watch over you

6. A thatched roof of vines to entice you every inch of the way

7. A large balcony syncs perfectly with ferns and furniture

8. A Paraguayan hammock to soak up the sunshine

9. Modern, art aficionados will take a liking to this!

10. For Feng Shui enthusiasts, a garden housing a water fountain is in the offing

11. Wheelbarrows to uphold a lovely arrangement of flowers

12. For the watchers of the night, here's a great getaway

13. An outdoor fireplace with bushes lining the wall

15. For narrow spaces, be sure to line them up with vegetation, and of course a hammock!

16.An evergreen wall with a pool of pebbles

18. Turn your backyard into an all year celebration with these fancy lights

19. Colorful tiles could bring life to the garden instantaneously

20. Simple blocks with lights in them can set up the ideal atmosphere

22. A simple rustic roof with ornaments at the entrance could set the pace for quietude

24. Light to turn light up the night!

25. Organic roofing and tiling for an outdoor space

26. The perfect setup for a campfire

27. Tranquility relived in this wonder of an arrangement

Here's what's buzzing with the professionals. For those of you who aren't blessed with that big of a backyard, here are some ideas for you to consider. 

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