Unique living spaces: 20 cool houses with flat roofs


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Unique living spaces: 20 cool houses with flat roofs

Naia Carlos Naia Carlos
Casas  por Hugues TOURNIER Architecte , Minimalista
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The beauty of flat roofing is its streamlined look, a striking modern look that is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s reminiscent of the famous Bauhaus architecture or innovative designs of modernist experts, flat roof houses deliver in both style and function.

Flat roofs are not only about the beautiful design. It’s also a practical choice since a flat surface on the top of the house as the option to double as a terrace or rooftop garden, which is especially appealing to small homes that have no space for sprawling lawns. It also ensures that the topmost rooms of the house can be designed and used more easily without sloped ceilings that so often limit the space. Finally, flat roofing are easier to maintain and enjoy relatively affordable upkeep.

Convinced yet? Here are ten amazing houses with flat roofs on our wish list.

1. A house full of individuality

Casas  por Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH , Moderno
Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

Cascade House – Single Family House in Bürstadt, Germany

Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

This flat roof house is a sprawling vision that leaves us in awe. Made up of a number of box-type structures, it offers an ultra-modern and seamless aesthetic. Notice how the interiors are incredibly well-lit due to the abundant use of windows throughout the residence.

2. Futuristic architecture

Many flat roof houses inspire with the perfect balance of minimalism and luxury. In this example, the single-storey villa is fitted with open, spacious rooms that enjoys a fantastic view of the wooden deck and swimming pool.

3. Flat roofs with a slant

Surrounded by unspoiled nature, this dream house combines a natural charm with an innovative design. The flat roof is tilted slightly, a playful twist on the increasingly popular look. Full-length glass walls and a wraparound deck provide unparalleled views of the surroundings.

4. A luxurious wooden house

Many modern residences use cement, but wood can be just as effective in creating a sleek and contemporary atmosphere. This home combines natural materials with a modern design for a dwelling that exudes comfort, luxury and natural charm.

5. A modern family home

Casas  por AMBA , Moderno

With an innovative cubic shape, smooth lines and ample use of glass, this two-storey house is very impressive. Modern yet inviting, stylish yet comfortable, it’s a wonderful family home for anyone.

6. Tradition meets modernity

Anyone who loves to combine traditional and modern materials will surely fall in love with this modern flat roof house. The wood flooring and elements of modern architecture complement each other perfectly.

7. Contemporary elegance in perfection

Nestled on a luxurious 250 square-meter property, this flat roof house has elegance in spades. The designer used glass, refined lighting and subdued furnishings to highlight the best features of the chic dwelling.

8. Idyllic nature abode on the forest slope

This flat roof house is an excellent choice, especially for residents who live near nature. Various types of wood were used for the different parts of the abode, all seamlessly integrated in complete harmony.

9. For minimalists

In a house with a flat roof, residents usually do not need more than one floor since the rectangular construction offers sufficient space for all rooms. With full-length windows lined all the way in front of the house, all the rooms are bright and airy all day long.

10. A house overlooking the pool

Homeowners can choose one element to be the main attraction of their residence. In this example, the swimming pool is the highlight with the house built around it. All the different rooms all have access to the pool.

11. Nature and innovation

A superb symbiosis: modern architecture in the form of a cube using beautiful wooden materials throughout. It’s a charming house for nature lovers who appreciate the modern aesthetic.

12. Modern residence for a large family

With four bedrooms and large living rooms, this is a fine example of a multi-storey flat roof house that offers its residents a high degree of design and functionality. The pink railings adds a unique pop to the neutral-hued home.

13. Inspired by the Bauhaus

Featuring a minimalist design that is reminiscent of Bauhaus aesthetics, this residence is perfect for those who prefer clear lines and classic colors.

14. Modern cubism

The extravagant, cubic shape of the house is eye-catching, and the narrow windows ensures absolute privacy for its residents.

15. A play of opposites

This minimalist flat roof house creates an exciting contrast between the Mediterranean environment and modern architecture. The narrow windows facing the street promise optimum privacy, while the residents in the other parts of the house enjoy a unique, uninterrupted view of the landscape.

16. A sprawling house for the modern family

A flat roof house that the whole family can enjoy. Large glass windows allow for a bright living atmosphere, while the cozy garden with a pond provides ample space to relax and play for adults and children.

17. Roof terrace with pool

For those who want to maximize all the space available, create a separate living area on the flat roof. It’s the perfect space for a roof terrace and pool area where residents can bask under the sun. This is also a good alternative for houses that do not have the space for a swimming pool in their property.

18. Modern living on two floors

Casas  por homify , Moderno

The flat roof house wows with its cubic shape and intelligent window design. The ultra-modern residence is a striking contrast against the natural backdrop, and the large lawn allows plenty of space to run and play.

19. An architectural masterpiece

A low-key home that boasts a contemporary design. It’s perfect for homeowners who want privacy with slim windows that keeps the interiors well-lit without giving passers-by a glimpse of the inside of the house.

20. Flat roof house with retro charm

Casas  por homify , Moderno

A house with flat roofs does not always have to be strictly modern. As seen in this brick residence, even homes with modern elements can rock a charming retro look.

For more on roofing, read these 6 roof ideas for your home.

Casas  por Casas inHAUS , Moderno

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