Hot right now: 8 decor trends you need to know about


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Hot right now: 8 decor trends you need to know about

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 Casa Cor 2015/ A Casa da Gente: Salas de estar  por Marina Linhares Decoração de Interiores,Tropical
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Are you wondering which interior design trends has the longevity to still be popular and beautiful in years to come? Of course you are! You don't want to plump for a fashionable home scheme, only for it to look dated and naff within a few months, which is why we've taken a look at the styles that professional interior designers just keep on coming back to! We think we've selected the eight best home decor schemes for anyone that wants to always look cutting edge and sophisticated, so before you choose any new furniture or start thinking about wallpaper, take a look at these amazing ideas that will promise you timeless elegance. 

1. Natural materials en masse.

If you want an understated and rustic aesthetic, try to include as many natural materials as possible. They work well together and create an organic and stylish finish in any room, but we particularly like the effect in a living room, as it has an inherent cosiness!

2. Green paradise touches.

Whatever else you do in your home, you can't underestimate the effect of some well-chosen greenery! large plants, small flowers and fun little cacti will all perk up any scheme and add so much life back into tired or boring rooms! Have fun with the plant pots as well!

3. Everything nude.

We're not being saucy or suggesting that you become naturists, but for a really chic home, nude colours are a must! It's not all just beiges and creams though, as some soft pastels really can perk up the look. We love this room, which has used a little blush pink to GORGEOUS effect!

4. Bohemian extravaganza.

Casa da Floresta: Quartos  por Ferraro Habitat,Campestre
Ferraro Habitat

Casa da Floresta

Ferraro Habitat

If your tastes run to the more ethnic and exciting, the bohemian look is definitely for you, but be sure to really commit! A halfhearted approach will mean that your home just looks a little scruffy, but by embracing the right materials and jewel tones, it will be undeniable what you were trying to achieve.

5. Personal touches.

Sala de Estar com Bicicletas e Cantinho para Leitura: Salas de estar  por Danyela Corrêa Arquitetura,Moderno
Danyela Corrêa Arquitetura

Sala de Estar com Bicicletas e Cantinho para Leitura

Danyela Corrêa Arquitetura

We can't emphasise just how important this tip is! Whatever wider scheme you decide to go with for your home, always be sure to add your own personal touch, to set it apart from everyone else with similar ideas! This could be a great opportunity for displaying your hobbies and passions, while tying in some useful practicality as well, if these wall-mounted bike racks are anything to go by!

6. Open transitions.

Paraty House: Cozinhas  por Studio MK27,Moderno
Studio MK27

Paraty House

Studio MK27

Open-plan interior design is well and truly here to stay, but don't just think about removing inner walls, as the way your home connects to the outside is important as well and will put a far more tailored stamp on your take of the aesthetic! Essentially, you want every part of your property and land to flow together, like a river of great taste.

7. Eco-friendly.

Adegas  por homify , Moderno

There is a huge movement towards the more eco-friendly end of the interior design spectrum right now, but you don't need to go crazy! Start small, with economical appliances and build up to things such as upcycled furniture items, green walls and sustainably-sourced wood. You can take a while over this transition, as it's a look that will NEVER be unpopular!

8. Flexible and adaptive.

SDV | Jantar: Salas de jantar  por Kali Arquitetura,Moderno
Kali Arquitetura

SDV | Jantar

Kali Arquitetura

Finally, multifunctional living is coming into its own in a big way and we know that it is going to be popular for a really long time! A great way to make a smaller home fantastically more practical and adaptive, this aesthetic is all about including furniture that can be transformed into numerous items. We love the creativity that comes with this scheme, not to mention that fact that it works so well alongside open-plan design!

For more great design tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Common bedroom design mistakes.

Casas  por Casas inHAUS , Moderno

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