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A Thatched Gallery House by the Baltic Sea

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Fischland Darss’ Baltic peninsula is a heaven for those who seek quite corners for holidaying in peace. It is also a dreamland for those who love having an unceasing dialogue with nature. It’s not so vast landscape exhibits a striking variety consisting of dunes, beaches, marshland, reed beds and pine forest. The marshy countryside proves to be an alluring habitat for a variety of cranes that come to visit the place from further north during their autumn winter sojourns. For the bird lovers and holiday makers of Fischland Darss, crane watching happens to be a worthy occupation.

It is in this backdrop that the owners of the Gallery House (Galeriehaus) chose to build their dream home. They sought the assistance of Möhring Architekten which is spearheaded by Norbert Möhring. Möhring Architekten has already earned critical acclaim for developing budget friendly residential projects that are stylish and groundbreaking in their own ways. Their designs are heavily influenced by the country houses of the region. Yet, as you will shortly see for yourself, none of these designs fail to live up to the modern tastes and standards.

A Warm Welcome

The Gallery House occupies 195 sq metres living space. Its front yard merges with the sand dunes seen scattered by the Baltic shoreline. The backyard finds company in an expansive pine forest. The main door is flanked by two large glass paned windows on either side. A wooden roof trellis provides a sort of shade on the approach.

Exterior of the House

Not only does the building boast a close association with nature, but practices ecologically conscious design principles. The thatched outer surface keeps the interior of the house thoroughly insulated. This is yet another example of taking a leaf from the architectural patterns of the country houses seen nearby. Its unusually angular shape makes smart use of the available space.

View of the Floors

The Gallery House follows an open plan type and makes volumetric distribution of the available space to create several niches within the house. A formal lounge, dining and kitchen area occupy the ground level. A library could be seen tucked in one of the corners of the so called second floor level.

A Cosy Lounge

The lounge offers great views of the surroundings which can be obtained through the large glass paned doors. It is decorated with a modern sofa set, coffee table and rug in neutral shades. The lack of warmth is compensated by the natural wood texture of the floor and, at colder evenings, by the fire place that doubles up as a massive sculpture occupying the midpoint of the ground floor.

Deliciously Decorated Dining Area

The other part of this ground floor level is dedicated to the kitchen and dining space. A very basic wood top dining table is supplied with four trendy chairs. The lighting fixtures also wear the same white look as the rest of the interior except for the floor. A colourful painting on the wall tries to cheer up the space a little. Skylights installed on the roof keep the area brightly lit at the day time.

Peaceful Study

The Gallery House has a well decorated library cum study. It is located in a corner which in formal cottages would have been an attic. It is decorated with a chic white sectional sofa, book shelves and a couple of tables. The views of the outside once again act as a beautifying element.

Comfortable White Bedroom

The bedroom follows the same minimalist approach as already experienced elsewhere within the house. Except for a comfortable but nondescript bed and wall mounted wardrobe it has little to boast of in terms of decoration.


The master bathroom is fitted with all modern amenities and, courtesy the windows, provides generous views of outside. Apart from the curtains, a sliding door shields off the private space depending upon its necessity.

Sauna – A Space for Pampering

The Gallery House also has a full-fledged home sauna built on the ground floor level. The owners can enjoy wellness routines indoors as often as they wish to.


The well maintained garden is a big asset for this house which can be utilised just for just stepping on and appreciate the extensive views of the sea and the green verdure. Occasional outdoor entertainment with family members and guests can be organised here as well. Many thatched roof houses also dot this idyllic landscape which explains why only a house like this could have done justice to the land it graces.

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