MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015: Jardins rústicos por Luiza Soares - Paisagismo

Woodworking: 13 simple ideas for the backyard or garden

Leigh Leigh
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You don't have to spend a fortune or a lot of time on creating a dream backyard or garden. In fact, sometimes it's the most simplest ideas that can end up being the most incredible!

To prove it to you, we've put together 13 simple ideas for the backyard and garden today!

These are all easy and practical ideas to implement, with results that pack a punch.

Because your outdoor space should be functional and comfortable, allowing to truly make the most of the beautiful South African weather. 

Shall we see how we can do that?

1. A wooden deck

Build your own wooden deck or terrace, which will give you a fabulous foundation for an outdoor space. You can furnish this area with sun loungers or an outdoor table and chairs, creating a multi-functional area that overlooks the garden.

Wood is a beautiful material that works well with any style. It is also durable and will last in all weather conditions!

2. Hanging plants

Varanda, alpendre e terraço  por Ploka 8.7
Ploka 8.7


Ploka 8.7

This is the simplest and most beautiful way to add some life to your outdoor space. Hang plants from the walls or the ceiling (if you have a pergola or a covering) and inject some life into your backyard!

3. Mix materials

Use white and grey stones to create a beautiful and tropical flower bed, which will complement the neatly mowed lawn. This is a garden with texture and tone!

4. A chalkboard wall

MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015: Jardins rústicos por Luiza Soares - Paisagismo
Luiza Soares – Paisagismo

MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015

Luiza Soares - Paisagismo

Paint a wall black and use it to hang planters. You can write the names of the plants or herbs in chalk or just write up your favourite quotes or sayings.

Your garden will have the most personality on the block!

5. Trellis

Install a trellis on the wall and hang creepers or vines. You'll inject the exterior space with greenery, making the most of vertical space.

6. Create a little outdoor haven

Sink some furniture into a little space in your backyard and create a little cosy nook for relaxing with family and friends or enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

7. Add a swimming pool

Jardim  por design@garten - Alfred Hart
design@garten – Alfred Hart

@wat – Minipool, Sauna-Tauchbecken für den Garten

design@garten - Alfred Hart

A swimming pool doesn't have to be large or expensive. 

Have a look at what to know before building a swimming pool.

8. Add a wheelbarrow

Projeto para um carrinho de flores: Jardins rústicos por Casa Nova Paisagismo
Casa Nova Paisagismo

Projeto para um carrinho de flores

Casa Nova Paisagismo

This delightfully charming addition to the exterior space is simple to recreate! Just fill a wheelbarrow with some beautiful plants and flowers. This is a wonderful decor element!

9. A beanbag chair

Sometimes all you need in your backyard is a comfortable place to rest!

10. Creepers up the fence

If your budget is tight use the existing fence to create a beautiful vertical garden.

11. It's all about the Zen

This design features a little Zen garden in the corner of the small outdoor space, injecting this area with tranquility and serenity. 

This is an easy feature to recreate!

12. An old ladder

Jardim  por homify

Plant Stand- Grey


Recycle an old ladder and use it to put pot plants or flowers on display. It will cost you next to nothing but it brings a gorgeous rustic charm to the environment.

13. A firepit

Campinas Decor: Jardins modernos por Lightinox

Campinas Decor


This is a great addition to any small garden or backyard, becoming the focal point of the environment. It is especially beneficial in winter, allowing for your outdoor space to remain cosy and warm.

Also look at how to create a beautiful garden in a small space.

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