12 splendid walk-in wardrobes for your dream house


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12 splendid walk-in wardrobes for your dream house

Swapnil Kangankar- Homify Swapnil Kangankar- Homify
Apto Zanon Closets por Camila Chalon Arquitetura Clássico
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Walk-in wardrobes were once the privilege of only the affluent, fit only for palatial houses. However, with modern space planning, technological advancement, and a growing sector of middle-class who are willing to spend that extra buck, walk-in wardrobes are getting more and more common.

Simply put, walk-in wardrobes are wardrobes usually attached to the bedroom in such a way that one can walk into them to choose their clothes, shoes or any other accessories. Walk-in wardrobes when designed correctly do not consume a lot of space, rather on the positive side, they offer their users excellent storage area as well as space to try different outfits. If you too have ever wanted a walk-in wardrobe for your dream house, we assure you that it is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Take a look at these 11 designs developed by our experts, perhaps you can find some inspiration for your house…

1. A sleek wardrobe with space to hang clothes on top and large storage drawers on the bottom

2. A wardrobe with custom storage spaces

3. A wardrobe that doubles up as a space seperator

Apartamento masculino em Curitiba Closets por Evviva Bertolini Moderno
Evviva Bertolini

Apartamento masculino em Curitiba

Evviva Bertolini

4. A wardrobe with a stunning outdoor view

ZAAV-Casa-Interiores-1233 Closets por ZAAV Arquitetura Minimalista
ZAAV Arquitetura


ZAAV Arquitetura

5. A wardrobe fit for the royalty with a large dressing table and a comfortable lounge chair

6. A wardrobe with a sleek LED lighting design and high-end finishes

7. A wardrobe seperated by sliding glass doors and built entirely in dark wood.

8. A wardrobe with a full-fledged dressing table and large mirrors

10. A closet with transparent shutters, this looks good but must be organised at all the times

Closets por homify Minimalista

11. A Barbie themed closet with lots of space to store accesories

12. A wardrobe with a nice skylight to illuminate the entire space

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