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This post-war home gets a modern renovation

Leigh Leigh
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Today we are going to visit Germany, where design professionals One! Contact renovated a house that was built in 1947. 

Nearly 2,000 square feet of space, the designers ensured that the new and improved home would be more environmentally sustainable as well as aesthetically appealing.

The before and after images or a striking example of how much can be achieved with a little bit of imagination and a lot of hard work. It will also inspire you to maintain both the interior and exterior of your own home, keeping it pristine and in good shape. 

Perhaps you'll even be inspired to modernize it!

Before: The shabby house

From the get go, we can see that this home was in serious need of a bit of love an attention. The roof looks like it has holes in it while the white facade is very grubby.

The garden, however, is in the worst state. The lawn is overgrown and there is no design strategy, which makes the home look even more unkempt. 

Before and after

Can you believe that this is the same house? With its gorgeous garden and light tones, the renovated home is simply flawless!

This is a wonderful example of how you can really utilize the area that surrounds a home as well as how a fresh coat of paint and some garden work can make all the difference.

Before and after

In this image, we can see how the side of the house has been completely transformed. The grubby and old house we see on the left only vaguely resembles the modern home that we see on the right with its clean lines, new facade and beautiful garden.

Do you see how natural light plays a role in the new house thanks the large glass windows and doors, which also creates a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces?

The overall look and feel

From this angle, we can see just how gorgeous the renovated, contemporary structure is. The grey, white and wooden elements allow the home to work in harmony with the nature that surrounds it while still ensuring that it packs a visual punch.

The stone perimeter fence adds a lovely rustic touch to the look and feel of the home while connecting it to a earthy, country-style design.

Don't you love how big the garage is?

Modern sophistication

If we head inside the home, we can see that this is anything but a country house. The sleek, spiral staircase and metal banister makes for a very contemporary and elegant design.

Staircases are a wonderful way to get creative in a home as they are functional but can also be very stylish.

Have a look at these 13 staircases you have to see to believe for inspiration.

A touch of colour

In the living room, we can see how the designers have weaved some darker tones into the design, nourishing the environment with some charm and personality. Yet this is done very discreetly!

Another great tip is to add a pot plant into a space like this. As we can see in the image, it provides the room with a very refreshing touch of colour and life.

Plenty of storage space

The kitchen in the newly renovated home shows just how far storage space goes! With adequate storage, you can keep your cooking area pristine and minimalist.

A kitchen island also assist with this, allowing for an extra surface area for cooking and preparing food as well as extra storage space. 

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

Elegance and class

Even the wardrobe is trendy in this newly renovated home!

A walk-in closet allows the family to keep all of their clothes, shoes and accessories neatly organized. It also provides them with a private place to dress.

Don't you love the luxurious chandelier as well as the abundance of mirrors in this room?

Tip: Ensure that a space like this gets plenty of light so that you can see exactly what you are wearing.

The light bathroom

Before we go, we just wanted to poke our heads into the bathroom to show you just how far natural light can go. 

Skylights in the ceiling can allow sunshine to stream into your bathroom, without compromising on privacy. It's also a good idea to paint your walls white, allowing the sunshine to reflect off of them.

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

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