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4 simple wooden homes fit for a fairytale

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We all grew up hearing fairytales which saw heroes and heroines starting their lives in wooden cabins in the forest, and as a result, there is a natural draw for all of us to run to the woodlands and hibernate away in rustic cabins of our own. Well, although we can't promise happy endings, we can show you some truly amazing wooden homes that will be sure to satisfy those childhood yearnings for a mystical home, and we honestly think you'll be shocked at the sizes and style available to you! While cabin homes are often a cost-effective project, you will need to hire an architect to ensure that you have the right proportions and structures in place, but apart from that, if you can dream it, you can probably build it! Let's take a look at some stunning examples and get your imagination fired up!

1. Pretty as a picture!

We love this wooden home! Though it isn't nestled in the forest, it still has a magical charm about it that can't be denied! The wood cladding looks incredible and with patterned gable ends, there is a touch of extra style, despite this being a relatively small and economical build!

Simple design.

We would suggest that this wooden home be used as a holiday retreat, rather than a main property, as the roof has been felted simply and the shiplap cladding will need regular maintenance. With all mod cons, including satellite television, we don't think anyone would mind spending the summer holidays here! 

2. Spacious and special.

You can already see that this home is bigger than the first one we showed you and not only that, it also has a tiled roof, to help keep the elements out. The combination of very dark stained wood and vibrant red tiles looks incredible and really captures the 'chocolate box' styling of traditional cabin homes.

Welcome home.

Taking a look at this angle, you can get such a good feel for how welcoming and pretty the home is! Incredibly, it looks exceptionally secure too, while maintained all the charm and character of rural homes that encourage you to get away from it all. Charming landscaping is really helping too!

3. Dark and brooding.

WOW! We thought that the last cabin was as close to perfect as it was possible to get, but then we saw this stunning example! Building on the more permanent styling of the former house, this time, we see darker colours really being embraced, with slate grey tiles on the roof adding a level of mystery and magic to this large and eye-catching building!

Exceptional detailing.

You might have already fallen in love with this cabin home, thanks to it's generous proportions and rich colour palette, but prepare to fall even harder, as this side view shows just how much detail has gone into the design here. With beautiful gable decoration and shuttered windows, there is a real nod to the heritage of traditional cabin homes, despite the modern materials that have been used!

4. Living in luxury.

When only all out luxury will do, you need to consider a suitably huge cabin home that can house as many people as you want it to! This charming design sees beautifully warm wood topped off by expert one-piece felting and chimneys that tell us there must be some fabulous woodburners in place inside!

All the extras.

You didn't expect this cabin home to have anything other than beautiful gable ends, did you? We hope this lattice enclosed balcony doesn't disappoint then! Adding extra outdoor space, it also makes the bedroom that it connects to even more luxurious, so we hope that's the master suite!

From the street.

We love that this home really does look like something from a fairytale, from a distance! Hidden behind flora, fencing and nestled in amongst the trees, this home has all the space you need and a traditional aesthetic that will really speak to your inner child too! What's not to love about that?

For more country home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A picture-perfect gabled house in the country.

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