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The peaceful city home you'll wish was yours

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L-shaped homes are unique in that the two wings of the building create a sort of third living space outside the home. They are perfect for urban homes because a even the smallest little front garden turns into a private oasis. It also means that the designers can really make the most of the natural light the home receives throughout the day.

Today, we will explore one such home in Japan. The project is the brain-child of architects Yamada, and it features lots of classic Japanese elements that really amp up the natural appeal of the home. The best part about this project is that we have lots of elevated photos so we really get a feel for how it sits within the urban community. Let's go on a photo tour for all the details…

L-shaped design

The home is divided into two volumes that extend at a 90 degree angle. The area to the left is arranged as a private area and the main social wing on the right is more open to the elements. This is where the living room, kitchen and dining room are located. Finally, an L-shaped design like this doesn't just provide privacy from the neighbours, it also creates a wind-break that's perfect for a delicate garden.

Large sliding glass doors

The natural elements are a huge consideration in any Japanese home. This one has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that really break down the psychological barrier between indoor and outdoor life. The structure is made from dark wood and the entire structure has an extremely minimalist aesthetic. The pebble garden is incredibly low-maintenance and is good for those who lead busy lives.

Minimalist interior

The interesting thing about the minimalist dining room is that it is fairly narrow and has windows on both sides. It receives a profuse amount of natural light. As with many Japanese homes, the decorations have been kept to a minimum so as to allow the basic structure of the home to remain the focus. It is a relatively small living space, but the extremely wide doorway to the left makes the home feel quite spacious.

Wooden features

Minimalist interiors typically have lots of unbroken lines of sight. This home is no different except for a few choice details such as the exposed wooden ceiling beams here. They give the little hallway interest and imbue the home with that quiet, subtle geometry that makes Japanese homes so beautiful. Note the huge amount of variation in the wooden materials on view here.

Modest wooden kitchen

The modest kitchen has a neutral monochrome colour palette and a quiet symmetry. A monochrome palette often needs a bit of warmth, and here we can see how the wooden kitchen cabinets play their part. The aluminium steel worktop is sure to be a hit with those who like a professional style kitchen. Finally, it's interesting to see how the gentle symmetry between the dark grey floor tiles and the white blacksplash.

Well designed small bedroom

This bedroom has just about the tiniest little home office we've seen. But there is nothing lacking in this little desk space because it has a lovely little window view. This configuration also serves to separate it somewhat from the sleeping space. The multi-coloured wall is a quite unique and suggests that this room might be designed for a young child. Finally, note the surprising addition of an exposed wooden beam.

Large generous bathroom

The bathroom feels quite generous and big simply because the tiles have been extended all the way up to the ceiling. The entire room is designed as a wet room which gives the home several advantages. A wet room is easier to clean, gives the home a contemporary atmosphere and usually increases the value of the property. Aside from this, have a look at the lovely big bathtub and high set window. It's the perfect bathroom for a good soak in the tub.

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