The best wintery scents for your home (you need to know these)

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Just as you might change perfume or cologne from fruity and floral scents in the summer, to stronger, more aromatic scents in the winter – you should do the same for your home. Most homes, assuming you keep your windows open for freshness, smell of fresh linens, cottons and beach scents in the summer. At least, these are the most highly-purchased scents.

In the winter, you will undoubtedly be spending more time indoors, so the scents of your home should be those which you like, but also those which won't overpower the entirety of your home. We have accumulated a list of acceptable scents for the winter – those which will promote comfort, relaxation and holiday spirits. So, before you go out and purchase candles like a Scandinavian, make sure you have the right scent. 

1. Hygge-inspired candles

Above we mentioned Scandinavians and their candle-buying habits and for good reason. Hygge is a Danish word that has stumped English-speaking countries for years. In most other languages, this word has no proper translation – but as far as anyone knows, it's a feeling, a state of mind and even an aesthetic. Hygge quite literally means the feeling you get while snuggled up in soft pajamas, in front of a fire with a hot drink while reading a book or talking to friends. It's comfort and happiness all in one word – and we love it! The Danes buy more candles per person than any other country on earth, and hygge, is a large part of the reason for it.

2. Cedar

A long-time revered winter scent, cedar is reminiscent of old time architecture and a home made of pure cedar wood. If you don't have candles, then a crackling fireplace with cedar wood is a great substitution. 

3. Vanilla

Large Three Wick Vanilla Scented Candle In Glass homify CasaAcessórios e Decoração

Large Three Wick Vanilla Scented Candle In Glass


If you're not yet ready to bake vanilla-based holiday cookies, then a vanilla candle will do. An utter classic, it's great in its original form, or can be combined with numerous other scents for a smell-good, feel-good atmosphere.

4. Lavender

Scented Tea Lights homify CasaAcessórios e Decoração

Scented Tea Lights


Lavender scents are best used in bathrooms and bedrooms, as similar to chamomile, it promotes relaxation and rest. Light a few lavender candles for a long bath tub session, or on your nightstand while you finish out a good book.

5. Winter fruits & spiced wine

Scented Pillar Candles homify CasaAcessórios e Decoração

Scented Pillar Candles


Yes, instead of candles you should try to make homemade mulled wine, however if you can't, a candle will do just fine! Try to find a candle that mixes hints of cranberries, wine and rosemary for that perfect winter fruit scent.

6. Cinnamon

The strongest scent on this list, Cinnamon scented candles and essential oils should be used for late-night dinner parties and more ventilated areas of the home. Think kitchens and dining rooms.

7. Brown sugar & figs

This is a wonderful mix for winter! Brown sugar will give off hints of molasses and the figs will offer a balanced, deep undertone (yet with a fruity appeal) to this combination!

8. Cranberry & orchids

Lastly, for those days where you need to wake up and get going, or want to do work from home all day, a combination of cranberries and orchids is a peculiar, yet exhilerating smell. Keep this scent in bedrooms, guest rooms and bathrooms where it can be faint, yet ventilated.

What scents do you associate with winter time? Hopefully some of the ones we've mentioned above! For more winter home preparations, homify has all you need to trigger hygge in your home!

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