How to organise your nursery in 9 months!

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Finding out that you're expecting a baby can be one of the happiest and most stressful times of your life but don't let nursery decoration be one of the things that worries you, especially when we are here to help!

You're going to need storage, a wall colour you can live with and accessories that your little ones will find engaging and fun but, most of all, you will need a budget and to never forget that 9 months is actually a substantial amount of time, especially to get a new room together.

Take a look at our checklist for perfect nursery decoration and see if you are inspired to create something special for your bundle of joy!

Walls for every little body

If you are a staunch traditionalist then, fair enough, we get the feeling you may find out the gender of your baby ahead of time so that you can adopt a pink or blue theme and get really prepared. However, it is far more common these days to take a modern approach, favouring gender neutral colours or fun patterns instead of overbearing styles.

This nursery decoration theme, created by Proctor & Co, is our idea of wall heaven, featuring fun colours, shapes and a dynamic design that will happily see your little one through many years without the need to redecorate!

Onesies don't grow on trees

It's true, they don't, but they do need to be clean and stored away somewhere safe and tidy! This becomes especially important if there is a family pet in the house as their fur could be an irritant so you don't want it getting on baby skin! Here is where carefully thought out nursery decoration comes in!

We adore this perfectly sweet little bedroom set, complete with small person wardrobe in a lovely light and natural wood. With hanging space for onesies, sleep suits and jackets, a handy drawer is also in place for nappy covers and bibs. So cute!

Scale it back

Of course, everything is smaller when it comes to nursery decoration and this especially applies to storage. Shelves and cupboards are all a little more dinky and adorable but no less necessary, so be sure to make room for them!

This fantastic house-themed wall makes for a wonderful shelving unit that is perfect for displaying toys, trinkets and lamps in, keeping small items out of inquisitive hands and mouths and offering you total peace of mind. The lift up roof panels are our favourite part as this is where all the messy bits can be stored, out of sight and out of mind!

Darling decorations

Even at a super young age your children are absorbing information, colours and shapes, so including some fun decorations in their room will allow for engagement whenever they are in there.

We are suckers for anything comic book related so this Marvel themed wall is really catching our eye! Perfect for boys and girls alike, the bright colours and fun figurines, kept at a safe height, all make for a truly enjoyable and happy nursery. We might even be tempted to take the nursery decoration theme a little further with lampshades or nursing chair throws, just to tie it all in!

Manageable illumination

Little LEIVARS LEIVARS Quarto infantil eclético



For little sleepy heads that need the sunlight blocked from their cribs, pretty cotton blinds are a wonderful solution that allow natural materials and theme-specific patterns to take on a necessary function.

We don't want to be accused of sexism but the colour scheme, rugby ball and ride on car all suggest to us that this is a little boy's bedroom and as such, the blue and white striped blind looks lovely. Almost nautical in style, it adds a wonderful but still pale contrast to the large volumes of white that are already in place and helps to really tie the red, white and blue nursery decoration theme together. 

Something gentle

Though initially not a concern, what flooring style you have in your nursery will soon become of the utmost importance, with delicate little hands and knees being on it all the time!

We love this example of a beautiful nursery, featuring a fantastic compromise of wood flooring for aesthetics and easy cleaning, as well as a vibrant and soft rug for comfort and fun. The bright rug colours are mirrored by the additions to the bookshelves and wall art and, in an otherwise wonderfully serene and plain space, brings a welcome zing of personality. 

The finishing touch

What would no nursery be complete without? You guessed it; TOYS! Of course, you may not think you will buy too many at the start but you'll be surprised how quickly you accrue them.

Keeping space for comfortable play is really important and remember that early on, you will need to be involved too, but we really like the fun additions to this room that are a little bit mire quirky. The hanging pom poms make for an amazing mobile alternative and the pretty paper toy bags are one of the most amazing storage solutions that we've ever seen. What a lovely nursery decoration style this is!

For more nursery inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: Decorating A Nursery.

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