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7 Wonderful Wooden Homes

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The beauty of a house comes down to the materials used. Wood creates warmth and harmony – it is welcoming and spectacular which is why we some amazing examples to show you of how wood when used in architecture can look great on homes of all styles and types. To give you some insight, we have created a list of beautiful wooden houses; some are modern, others are traditional, but none of them will disappoint. The architects of these homes all had some pretty unique ideas and we can't wait to show you them. 

If you are looking for some inspiration then take a look at these designs!

1. Modern style

The house is surrounded by trees and greenery and fits so well into its environment. The roof design and shape is modern and stylish, whilst the burgundy tone of wood gives it an unmatched warmth. There are several entrances and the large size makes it into a perfect family home or a fun weekend with friends and family. 

2. Country-style home

This house is compact and warm just like a log-cabin or country-style home. It is designed with the weather in mind and has a roof which extends beyond the front entrance. The wood is economical and natural, making the home look and feel cozy. 

3. Wooden box-style

Sam's Creek homify Casas modernas

Sam's Creek


This house is spectacular, not just because of the way it is designed, but also because it offers so much more than meets the eye. The U-shaped design allows plenty of room to move on all levels. The parts are connected which make the house spacious and never ending. The glass and timber contrast well with each other offering a natural, open look.

4. Minimalist treehouse

This is the type of house that children dream about. You will only notice it if you look into the trees because it is literally positioned inside a tree. The house is surrounded by forest and its pillars are natural wood which anchors the structure. One wall is a window and allows the occupier uninterrupted views of the surrounding area.

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The inside of the treehouse

We know you were dying to have a look at the inside of the tree house and from this angle you can see how simple and charming the design actually is. Subtle in white with plenty of cushioned areas, the house is serene and welcoming. 

5. Home-style cottage

This two-story wooden house is characterized by a bright red exterior which makes it stand out amidst the houses in the neighborhood. The frames and windows are also painted red making the house look stylish and barn-like, yet it is also not difficult to imagine it in a coastal environment. 

6. Beachy

The interior of this house is certainly romantic, with high ceilings made out of wood that looks like driftwood. The amount of natural light flowing through makes it appear well-proportioned and open, with a perfect amount of classic style and charm. 

7. Private oasis

NOEM Casas modernas

An interesting feature of this house is the shape; a perfect rectangle with rounded edges that offers a futuristic look. The sheer dimension is spectacular and when coupled with the contrast of white and wood, as well as an exciting and active outdoor area, you almost feel like you have to be on a guest list to enter it. 

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