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8 Rustic Kitchens That Roar

Leigh Leigh
Cozinhas rústicas por Egue y Seta Rústico
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Kitchens are no longer what they once were: areas of the house that are only entered when meals are being prepared. Kitchens were simply not lived in before today.

During this time, just enough functionality was needed for the kitchen space, with no attention given to the decorative details or to innovative designs. 

Today, this story is different.

Kitchens have developed over time as a space for the family to come together and engage. As the functionality of this space has evolved so has its design and decor. This is an area of the home that exudes warmth and invites you to stay and feel comfortable.

rustic style is thus one of the most popular designs that we come across in the modern day kitchen, preserving the traditional spirit of the space while introducing style.

Today, we've put together 8 examples to prove to you that rustic kitchens are for you too!

1. Everything in view

One of the secrets to a rustic kitchen is to have a lively and fresh looking space, awaking the smell of the mother's home.

The idea of hanging pots, pans or utensils is a very refreshing and innovative one, creating a space that looks lived in and enjoyed.

If the accessories are copper, even better as they bring in a traditional country look and feel as we can see in this image.

2. The brick features

Not only is wood a protagonist in a rustic kitchen, but brick can play a big role in enriching the atmosphere.

The idea is to return to the most simple and raw form of natural materials, which provide a cozy and warm feeling throughout the space. 

Brick can be essential feature in achieving this, while adding visual amplitude to the space.

3. Don't hold back on the wood

There is no limit to the amount of wood that we can use in a rustic kitchen. Perhaps it can seem a bit exaggerated to use so much of this noble material, but the warm effect that it creates speaks for itself. 

Wood can be used in different textures and shades, introducing a very natural design to a space. In this design, by professionals Abitar Architects, we can see how wood has been used throughout the space with stunning results.

4. Paint a wall

A painted wall works very well in modern rustic kitchens today. It's an opportunity to introduce bold shades into the space, which blend perfectly with the simplicity of materials such as wood, stone and brick.

The concept is an atmosphere that invites family and friends to inhabit this space at all times, bringing a freshness and vitality to the area.

5. The oldest prevails

Rustic kitchens tend to be a tribute to the past, featuring elements that have been a part of history or belonged to older generations.

It's always a wonderful idea to pair up ancient artifacts and accessories with modern and new kitchen apparel. 

A wooden stove, for example, can be an excellent addition to a modern rustic kitchen, introducing a country style. 

6. Don't forget the wicker

A component that cannot be missed in a rustic kitchen is wicker. This natural fiber brings in the country tones and introduces the warmth that you need in this setting.

Baskets, chairs or drawers can be made of this material, incorporating its unique and traditional texture.

7. Beware of the countertops

Countertops are an essential element in any kitchen, but in a rustic kitchen, it is necessary that this material has a strong presence.

Wood can be a favorite choice because of the warmth that introduces but stone or mosaics can also be lovely contributions that are simple, yet very effective for surfaces.

8. Light is necessary

Natural light plays a vital role in the setting of rustic kitchens. It illuminates the materials, the textures and the shapes, adding that touch of warmth if necessary.

You can even choose not to put blinds or curtains on the windows, allowing sunshine to seep in throughout the day.

If you like the rustic design and the idea of including natural or raw materials in your home, have a look at how you can make your home roar with raw materials.

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