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Behold the high-tech home!

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Folks, unless you've had your head planted sand-ward in recent years (or indeed living under some sort of boulder in the middle of nowhere) it won't come as much surprise to be reminded that we're living in an age of unprecedented technological advancement. The level of connectivity and innovation we're seeing today is propelling our lives into unknown and wonderful directions, imbuing us with new options and fresh ways of seeing, doing and experiencing. It's impacting on every aspect of our existence and at home is one place that we're seeing the changes the most. Behold: the high-tech household!

Today, the art of interior design incorporates so much more than merely traditional aesthetics, materials and structural considerations. We've got new toys to play with, a range of fresh high-tech options at our disposal, and thus, a whole new dimension to work with when putting together the sort of homes we truly love and enjoy spending time in.

Today on homify we're taking a glimpse into the future – and the 'now' – by checking out how technological advances are making an impact on the common home from kitchen accoutrements and lighting to complete, integrated high-tech household constructions. Sure is an exciting time to be alive!

Ingenious audio-visual equipment

In not so distant memory we thought we were so cutting edge with our VCRs that could record the nightly news to videotape with the simple push of a few buttons on our 3.5mm jack cord-connected 'remote' controls. TVs then turned to big screen rear projection; flatscreen plasmas; to LEDs. Inevitably, we'd come to demand a similar experience in our own homes to that which we enjoy in the silver screen razzle and rumble of the local cinema and, sure enough, many of us now do. 

Well, not only can we enjoy crystal clear blockbusters via our own high tech in-house projectors but we can have this sort of neat situation as depicted here as well: an impressively customised, easy-to-hide, easy-to-unveil projector screen, embedded in the ceiling for the ultimate aesthetic balance. And don't forget the state of the art in-built ceiling speaker woofers either.

Fabulous lighting!

The Bat Cave, Holland Park Rousseau Salas de estar modernas

The Bat Cave, Holland Park


To think: not too long ago we were creaking down the wooden staircases of our rural manors and shacks, creeping over cold floorboards in the middle of another dire winter, our weary pupils tired and strained, fending off the darkness with what little candlelight we had left to burn before supplies dwindled to an untimely low. My oh my, how far we've come when it comes to domestic lighting!

In recent decades the range of new lighting innovations have come to offer a veritable selection of fresh options and choices. But it was a (no pun intended) slow burn there for a while: decades dealing with the harshness of fluorescent tubes and relatively boring (in hindsight) commercial lightbulbs. Then things began to pick up: LEDs, halogen ceiling lamps and downlights; new colours, a new improved neon resurgence; fancy hipster Edison bulbs. 

Well, as this picture demonstrates, we've reached a new zenith: full space age lightning design, from the living room out. Wild new age wall and ceiling embeds like these can be employed to create unique mood: modern, ethereal, sensual; treat your guests (and yourself) to a slice of the future, right here at home.

Fun appliances

Luxurious White Kitchens by PTC PTC Kitchens Cozinhas modernas
PTC Kitchens

Luxurious White Kitchens by PTC

PTC Kitchens

One of the best things about technological advancement, especially when it comes to the home interior, is the way it often fuses two disparate objects with different uses and turns them into one efficient, awesome domestic accouterment. Or should we say accouterment/appliance? In this case, most definitely: what might look like a cool, spacey kitchen chandelier is in fact a very adept multitasker – one part light fitting, one part kitchen exhaust fan. Pretty neat! Appliances are great when they're useful, but they're even more useful when they're fun. 

Exemplifying that in this example is what's lurking right there below the exhaust-chandelier: you guessed it, a bona fide teppanyaki hot plate cooker. Ain't technology great? And if you need a little hand choosing, chat to a professional to get a little inspiration!

A natural pool perhaps?

BIOTOP - The Garden of Eden, Ellicar Gardens BIOTOP Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH JardimPiscinas, fontes e lagoas
BIOTOP Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH

BIOTOP – The Garden of Eden, Ellicar Gardens

BIOTOP Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH

A natural pool? 'What's so high tech about that', we hear you ask. Well, you might be surprised. Also known as 'sustainable pools', natural swimming pools (NSPs) function just like customary backyard swimming pools, except they aren't contained in artificial structures that use chemicals, nor devices that disinfect or sterilise the water – instead, they use natural filtration methods and bio-reactive filters (that's where the tech part comes in). 

A unique blend of modernity and nature, NSPs might take on the appearance of a natural lake or pond (as seen in this picture, here), or can be designed to look just like regular swimming pools rather than resembling more natural bodies of water. Whatever the design, NSPs give a much more authentic and natural swimming experience, closer to nature, with all the soothing healthful benefits that brings.

Heavenly heating

Ifocus Fire homify Sala de estarLareiras e acessórios

Ifocus Fire


Fire: it's a primal thing and we love to be near it. Whether it's around the barbecue, out on the beach around a bonfire or inside the home during winter time, the powerful orange and yellow sparks and embers of flame really get the juices flowing. For centuries inside the home we've taken as gospel the unfailing 'basic fireplace' design for our hot flame heating needs. Well, lo and behold: that old method has been turned on its head. 

Introducing the Ifocus fireplace: an uber-impressive vertical revamp of the traditional fireplace design (embedded behind glass in the living room wall, no less!) Functional and aesthetically quite stunning, these linear fireplaces … Break from fireplace convention to set a new style for the future, creating a space for tall, dancing flames while taking up no more room space than a painting. Impressive stuff.

The complete high-tech home construction!

E2 PAVILION ECO HOUSE, BLACKHEATH E2 Architecture + Interiors Casas modernas
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

Behold: the high tech domestic piece de resistance! It's nice to have a few cutting edge additions to our interiors but what if you want to construct an entire high-tech minded eco home? These folks did. The Pavillion Eco house won the Evening Standard New Homes Eco + Living Award in 2015 and was also voted The UK’s Top Eco Home in The Guardian online 2014.

This low-carbon contemporary home design project involved an expert team of consultants and includes sustainable features, including: passive solar design, earth sheltered lower ground, green roofs and a natural swimming pool. Take a further look at it on homify, here.

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