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27 ideas to make your small backyard cosy

Tiahn Wetzler – homify Tiahn Wetzler – homify
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Irrespective of size, having a yard at your home is nothing less than good luck! No wonder that these natural areas have the potential to become the favorite of the home spaces whether you want to relax or entertain your friends and family at your home. However, due to lack of time and everyday rush, many of the yards have become forgotten or unkempt. It is a universal fact that it is not easy to maintain those areas and in these regards, homify brings you some tips on how you can keep the backyard always shining and well maintained. 

Apart from the care related to its designing, maintenance and organization are the key as it is important to preserve a warm area and that is exactly how an environment becomes interesting and inviting. In the backyard and terraces, one can easily design different environment to meet and pursue a variety of activities that are perfect for entertaining small events as well. Having smaller areas might sound less flexible but it is naturally more welcoming.  In today's article, we will give you several tips to make a small yard beyond cozy. Come with us and be inspired to transform their own environment. The merit is all the architects and professional landscapers are within reach to you. 

Original article by Suzanne RH for homify India. 

1. Cover your walls and fences with vine type plants. This is a way to leave the confines of the finer ground beautifully.

2. Combine the elements in order so as to establish harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. The project here uses wood, plants, comfortable furniture and light curtains to do so.

MORAR MAIS POR MENOS - VARANDA : Terraços  por Bender Arquitetura
Bender Arquitetura


Bender Arquitetura

​3. Ensure a good connection with the house. When external and internal areas are well integrated, they result in larger spaces for both.

​4. Using wooden pergola, hang lamps and vases, you can take the advantage of the height and creates a cozy atmosphere.

MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015: Terraços  por Luiza Soares - Paisagismo
Luiza Soares – Paisagismo

MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015

Luiza Soares - Paisagismo

​5. Bet on bright colors without fear. A wall painted in vibrant color will make all the difference and let your backyard appear cheerful.

​6. Choose a coherent furniture with a style. Here the country style dominates the environment and the effect is wonderful.

Residência Quinta do Golfe : Terraços  por FERNANDO ROMA . estudioROMA

Residência Quinta do Golfe


​7. The ferns are an excellent choice to enliven your living environment.

​8. Hang a hammock! In addition to saving space when not in use, we all love to spend some time in it as well.

Casa de praia - Guaecá SP: Terraços  por Lucia Manzano
Lucia Manzano

Casa de praia – Guaecá SP

Lucia Manzano

​9. Plant herbs in small wooden boxes and hang them on the walls to create an interesting option for the walls. Below the blackboard paint was used for a modern effect.

MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015: Jardins rústicos por Luiza Soares - Paisagismo
Luiza Soares – Paisagismo

MÃO NA TERRA, Belo Horizonte, 2015

Luiza Soares - Paisagismo

10. White pebbles, low shrubs, and a small fountain are enough to make a special place.

11. Be creative and utilize your time to plant flowers in unusual objects.

Projeto para um carrinho de flores: Jardins rústicos por Casa Nova Paisagismo
Casa Nova Paisagismo

Projeto para um carrinho de flores

Casa Nova Paisagismo

12. Rocking chairs give a gracious atmosphere to the outdoors. See the result in the image below!

​13. Elements such as this fireplace for outdoor backyards are key to a cozy atmosphere even on the coldest nights.

Campinas Decor: Jardins modernos por Lightinox

Campinas Decor


14. Many objects can be used to support vessels, just be imaginative with what is left at home.

​15. See how within a passage, the network can find your place!

Casa Malva, Bloco Arquitetos: Jardins modernos por Joana França
Joana França

Casa Malva, Bloco Arquitetos

Joana França

​16. This wall is high on greenery! Take this idea to your yard and get closer to nature.

​17. Several species can be used to create magnetic effect.

Loft Tropical - Casa Cor 2014: Jardins modernos por Gisele Taranto Arquitetura
Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Loft Tropical – Casa Cor 2014

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

18. Decorate with Christmas fairy lights and have a charming backyard all year round!

19. The walls can also be utilized to accommodate a beautiful panel like this:

20. A lighting design that escapes the traditional decor and provides seating area is super inviting.

Morar Mais por Menos 2014: Jardins ecléticos por Fadel Arquitetura
Fadel Arquitetura

Morar Mais por Menos 2014

Fadel Arquitetura

21. Plants on all sides and a comfortable chair amidst it- enough to create an ideal place in the backyard!

22. No errors in creating a cozy outdoor area with rustic style.

​23. Decoration and appropriate lighting can make your garden heavenly stylish and comfortable.

24. Create a romantic mood with outstanding types of lamp fixtures.

25. With a contemporary design furniture, this yard is super modern.

26. Low and old furniture for outdoor areas create a sociable and friendly atmosphere

27. Draw environment of a dramatic backyard and add a seating area, it is always interesting!

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