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9 Amazing Modern Houses!

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Have you ever dreamt of your own modern house? A stylish mix of eclectic exterior design using different high quality materials to make it everything you could ever imagine? Modern houses are attractive and eye-catching due to the exceptional and unusual shapes and materials used. They really do make you stop, turn and wonder what they look like inside. The appearance of a modern house is of utmost importance! 

We have therefore chosen nine exciting and amazing modern houses from an exterior perspective to inspire you… enjoy!

Natural integration

This house is a fantastic example that modern architecture can blend in perfectly with a natural environment. It was built from all natural material, the wooden design fits in entirely with the surrounding landscape.

The architecture is a simple block and is based on ideal geometry and clear lines, giving priority to nature. The design of this modern home allows a literal living in harmony with nature experience. The wonderful spacious terrace with a built in fireplace allows outdoor relaxation, both during the day and on those chilly winter nights.

Camouflaged in surroundings

This house also fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment, and even merges with it! As a result of its extraordinary elevation coverage, it seems to melt into the location with beautiful flora.

The house consists of several cubic blocks, each one characterised by a flat roof and simple line. The building is adapted to the terrain  advantageously by using its drawbacks. This way, the house blends even more into the environment.

Petite and modern

Modern houses are not only designed for larger suburban plots, some projects ideally aim to create a modern house in the middle of town. In this case, the most important is the visual aspect of seeing the house.

It is a small, modern chalet nearly wedged between two larger buildings and being on a small plot it enforces not only the size, but also the shape of the structure. The decision was therefore made to modify the cube cut to the right, in order to make way for an entrance and terrace.

Clean, simple lines, and the use of interesting materials across the facade deter attention from it's diminutive size.

Contemporary dreaming

This is another excellent design that took perfect advantage of the terrain! The building structure was raised upward to create the effect of home dominance over the environment.

The main structure of the massive cube-shape, towers over the region and connects to the built-in slope platform, where a terrace with a swimming pool has been built into it. One wall has completely glazed façades, opening the house to the external environment and natural light.

Pitched perfect

Although the flat roof is evident of modern architecture, other roof shapes may also be used. The unusual shapes and surprising forms, attribute futuristic architecture, however, when used correctly, will become the perfect mainstream of modern construction.

In modern houses we see the ceiling of the roof designed upwards, giving the building a shape of the hill. As a result, the outer wall has more surface, utilised by adding a large window. Can you imagine this open space in the middle?

Fortress of solace

Materials such as architectural concrete increasingly find their way into modern construction. They are used in residential buildings to make them appear stronger and reliable. These materials combine perfectly with each other, especially glass. A modern effect is achieved in this manner. Although a fort-like house may appear a bit chilly on the outside, it usually compensates with pleasant and comfortable interiors.

Glowing residence

The interiors of modern houses are often bathed bathed in natural light, radiating brightness and an intense glow. The incorporation of large and numerous windows make this possible, by opening the house up to the surroundings.

Modern architecture very often uses large-area glazing, even as an entire wall of an outer façade. This house is perfectly cosy, the huge windows on each floor not only open it to the environment, but also offer plenty of natural light while providing a block of modern character.

Cosy character

Modern houses can also be warm and cosy. Although usually erected using raw materials – such as concrete, metal and glass, some examples can be found, which immediately make feel warm, welcome and invited.

Wooden buildings can also be modern in nature, as seen in the picture. This simple cubic structure, includes numerous aspects of glazing and façade lined with wood. The wooden element therefore makes this house a cosy and pleasant building.

All white exterior

White is the absolute favourite colour to use in minimalist design, which has a lot in common with modernism and architecture. In this case, the complex design of the house and elegant façade, was offset by perfect white. Numerous windows open the building to the environment, allowing natural light to flow into the interior.

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