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​8 chic designs for your dressing room

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The dressing rooms have lately become a sign of charm and flamboyance. No matter how intellect or hardworking you are, outer personality goes a long way in defining the way you carry and present yourself at work. A dressing room is that part of the house that motivates you every morning to get nicely dressed up to conquer the outside world. With this ideabook, we  bring you some contemporary and chic designs for dressing rooms that are suitable for both small and large households.

Like a celebrity!

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Ever thought of dressing like a celebrity? This dressing room makes your wish come true. Sliding glass door cabinets along with the huge vanity mirror will definitely make your friends envious of the superb class and style. The room eliminates the need of any other fancy furniture and focuses the maximum on the glass doors and vanity. The classy lighting along the edges of the mirror help you dress up in the most confident and glamorous way.

Fusion of colors

Think about colors and here you are – A bright palette of vivid shades that will surely kick start your day with high energy and enthusiasm. This dressing room has a spacious and comfortable feel to it, which is mainly attributed to the use of white pastel shades that make the room look brighter. The thoughtful addition of multicolored relaxing chairs along with the foot rest adds brightness and charm to this place. You just cannot miss the huge white Victorian mirror that makes you glow throughout the day.

Centrally illuminated

Walk-in-wardrobe Lamco Design LTD VestiárioGuarda-roupas e cômodas
Lamco Design LTD


Lamco Design LTD

This dressing room takes you to a world of its own. A lavish entry through the majestic glass doors, sturdy metallic drawers and the centrally located ball of brightness will surely blow your mind away. This design incorporates the use of intricate and concealed lighting that makes the place exude warmth and calmness. The giant disco ball in the center is the main protagonist that brightens up the entire place with style and sophistication.

Draped in elegance!

The flowing white and gold curtains cast a magical spell on you the moment you enter this divine room. A sense of class and extreme elegance is exuded by the neatly draped curtains in subtle combinations with the lightly toned wooden flooring.  The keen lighting that proudly highlights the exotic bag collection is yet another remarkable feature of this royal dressing destination. Make sure to use the most contrasting colors for display as it takes the room to a completely new level.

Have your own personalized dressing room design on mind and looking for professional support and guidance? The Ashleys are a multi-award winning design firm in Mumbai. They have worked with some of the top brands in this industry and can prove to be the best source of inspiration. 

Love for shoes!

As the name suggests, this dressing room is specifically designed for a die-hard shoe fanatic. It provides the perfect platform to display your beloved collection of exotic designer shoes, which otherwise do not get the required admiration. The subtle interiors and warm lighting makes sure that shoes always remain the main center of attraction. Exposed wall shelves, platforms and hexagon shelves make sure to impress the guests with a maximum display of the wonderful collection by providing a clear view from all directions.

Blue extravaganza

Without a second thought, this room exudes a retro feel with the utmost charm and class. The smart inclusion of a pink feathery display is the perfect contrast given to the bright blue walls. Strategic lighting along the walls and on the hanger tube speak volumes about one’s personality and character. The blue cabinet with a sleek chest of drawers and a cozy seating line up further deepens the retro outlook.

Simply classic

Unique yet elegant, this dressing room comes with a Mediterranean feel that is beautifully carved using white washed marble as the basic building material. The ceiling is a beauty in itself as it allows maximum inflow of natural light through the lightly colored artistic patterns. The golden handles and warm stack up boxes further embellish this heavenly abode.

Small is big!

This dressing room is specifically designed for smaller city apartments. The vertical space has been used in the maximum possible way by stacking vertical shelves in a cool and trendy manner. A large mirror rests in the center along with a compact vanity of drawers for organizing your high-end make up stuff. The white décor reflects maximum light which in turn makes the room look spacious. This room shows that a lot can be done even in smaller spaces and there is certainly no end to creativity. The judicious use of space helps to display your exquisite shoes and jackets collection in a classy style.  All the above designs are trendy and unique in their own special way. They not only add a glam quotient to your house but also make it highly functional and efficiently utilized. For dressing room lovers, here's another ideabook on Dressing room inspiration you wouldn't like to miss out. 

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