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A Cosy and Affordable Family Home

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Can you imagine living in a modern thatched house? Merging ancient building techniques with modern architecture is a recipe for beauty, functionality, and respect for the wisdom of our ancestors. To prove this, today we will show you a house formed by two intersecting volumes. Designed by architects, Mohring Architeken, the focus was on pleasing the wishes of customers who wanted a home for 6 to 8 people and constant visual connections to the landscape. It was to be a house for family socialisation and the creation of valuable memories. Let’s see it!

Thatched roof with solar panels

This image shows the principles of the old houses in Germany with a thatched roof and gables above ochre walls. In this case, however, the walls begin to seem permeable and not as set on privacy as in the olden days. Another new feature is the ridge and the union of the two bodies to manifest the social areas of the home. The glass roof and solar panels allow for more light on this area of the house and the generation of its own energy.

Angular design

The surface of the house is a mere 145 square meters, however, the owners wanted a house that would meet the needs of 6 to 8 people. In order to overcome this challenge, the two volumes were connected around the existing patio, where the walls become glass doors in order to establish a direct connection with the outdoors, leaving the bedrooms and bathrooms at the ends in the calmer areas.

Windows to heaven

The  kitchen is highlighted in a minimalist, simple and delicate design with light wood tones and white areas. This space is connected with the dining room of the house and is located at the intersection of two volumes, but the ceiling and skylights in a zigzag pattern is what catches our attention right at the junction of two sloping roof planes.

Light distribution

Behind the right door we can see the top of the kitchen, as we are in the living room connected directly to the kitchen. This large space is also bathed in overhead lighting through the skylight that extends to this area of the house. The sofa in an orange colour that permeates the space in this room connects with the outdoor environment and maintains continuous visual contact with the landscape.

The dining room of the house

Turning 180 °, we leave behind us the kitchen to find the best room in the house – the dining room. This space promises warm family moments and meetings in the glow of the fireplace in the background, and thanks to the large windows on either side the light notes and gabled roof creates the sense of a much larger space. This warm space is also obtained by the materials used – white walls, wooden elements and  flooring in slate grey. Let 's see what's behind the stairs next!

A trace of antiquity

On leaving the dining room we stumbled upon this very austere room with a minimalist design and the essential elements. This space is a place of joy and calm away from the social zone, anchored in one corner of the volume. It coexists with clean lines without any ornament, yet with an antique armoire that makes us feel at home and return to a nostalgic past.

A rural touch

We say goodbye to this impressive home in the bathroom, which is a combination of the rustic and contemporary, where the roof evokes a bygone era thanks to the material used for beams and the wooden ceiling painted white. These touches make the room seem more delicate, with contemporary pieces like sinks and cabinets suspended from the wall and a dark door that matches the floor behind the shower with indirect lighting. The result is sublime.

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